Ways to Support Small Business

I think we can all agree that any small business, whether it be a main street brick & mortar business or a home based business, we are all taking a hit right now. So, because we are not able to financially support many businesses I thought I might share a few good ideas on how people can support these businesses that are not essential.

Write a review

Take a few minutes & think about the local places that you do business with or that you have done business with. Why not use this downtime to write a review for them. You can talk about their great service, an employee that went the extra mile to assist you in finding a product or a solution to a problem that may have brought you to them. Places to write reviews would be Google or on their social media channels.

Encourage on social media

No matter what is happening in the world, a small business or entrepreneur always appreciates the interaction on social media. you can interact by liking, commenting, posting a GIF, or sharing their post. Another great way is to send a direct message to let them know you enjoy their store, product, or service and will be there ready to shop when the time is right. You can also support a business by participating in an activity or challenge they may offer on their website or social media. We can all use a good distraction these days.

Purchase a gift card

Check with your local business to find out if they are offering gift cards. You can make the purchase to use later for yourself, give as a gift, use to thank or reward someone.

Make a plan to visit

There is nothing better than getting a few of your best girlfriends together for a day of shopping and supporting local small business. Don’t forget to leave time for refueling at a local establishment.

Tell your friends!

Make sure if you have friends or a family member that would enjoy supporting a local small business, be sure to let your circle of people know so they can enjoy all the goodness the business brings to the community.

Most important….Wait for them!

Wait for your favorite small town local business to reopen. Yes, it’s easy to order online. Just remember behind every small business is a person, a Mom or Dad that has a dream of creating something great for their community. Be there for them to welcome you with open arms when they are able to.


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