Christmas Lights, Ideas, & A Trash Can…

What do Christmas lights, ideas, & a trash can all have to do with each other…read on to find out.

As I was decorating our home for Christmas, I found a garland that I haven’t used in a few years. Now this garland is embellished with pinecones, berries, & white lights. I decided that I would use the garland this year, but in a different location than previous years. The new location for the garland, didn’t really warrant having the lights on it, so I decided it would be a good idea to take the lights off. Now, let’s pause for a moment. The lights are not just on the garland, they are ON the garland, like attached with floral wire on the garland.

Let’s forge ahead…

None-the-less, I decided to forge ahead with the plan of removing the lights. In addition, I enlisted the help of my son. This removal project took us about 30 minutes. It was 30 minutes of mostly frustration, second guessing my decision to remove the lights, then encouragement to keep going, because we were almost at the finish line. Finally, we met in the middle & we were able to free the lights from the garland. I quickly gathered up the lights to find the most accessible outlet to plug them in & witness their glow. Who tests their lights first anyway?

The moment of truth…

The moment I plugged the lights into the outlet & they lit up, I quickly became aware that only half of the string was working. I was instantly deflated. It was such a good idea. We worked & struggled to free the lights. We devoted time to this idea. UGH, how could this happen? I had this great idea, made the plan, took action, but in the end it was a bust.

Christmas lights, ideas, & a trash can

How many times…

How many times in your business does this happen? You come up with what you think is a fabulous idea for the next best thing, but along the way you hit a road block or it just plain doesn’t work. Then you get hung up on the fact that it didn’t work, feel defeated, & literally get stuck. How many times do you allow yourself to stop all forward motions in your business because an idea flopped?

Give yourself permission…

I am here to tell you, that it is OK to give yourself permission to have ideas, explore them, give the idea a go, & have it bust. It’s ok to have 1,000 ideas & toss 999 of them in the trash can.

What ideas, practices, strategies, do you need to re-evaluate or abandon? Give yourself permission to have ideas that don’t always work out. If you don’t, you will miss the ideas that do work out.


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