Why do I need a press kit?

Have you ever had the opportunity to be a guest on a podcast, write an article for a publication or speak in front of a live audience? If you have, it’s a safe bet that the person or organization that invited you to speak or write, requested some type of background & contact information from you. So, to locate the information, you more-than-likely had to go to multiple files or links on your computer, copy & paste to gather the requested information, also taking more time than you would have liked and leaving you feeling frustrated. I would like to introduce you to the Media Kit…A.K.A… a Press Kit.

Why you need a press kit?

Having a well curated press kit/media kit will save you time & frustration. All of your information will be in one easily accessible place making a great first impression. It sounds more professional to say “I will be happy to provide my press kit to you.” versus “Yes, I can gather that information.”. Think of a press/media kit as a visual resume combined with other information about yourself & your brand.

What is in a press kit?

What is in a press kit you ask….here is a list of the must have items to add.

  • Bio: This statement should be about the problems you solve for your customers. It’s best to keep this short & concise. Remember, people do business with people they like, know & trust, then they buy the brand or service. Don’t be afraid to pull back the curtain & let people in to connect with you on a deeper level.
  • Brand Position Statement: A brand position statement pin points exactly what your company does & for whom as well as including what makes you different  thus creating a niche that is unique to you. This will help set you apart in the minds of the consumers that you want to serve.
  • Social Media Information: This should include all the places, you can be found on the inter-webs. The top platforms should include FaceBook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter. Depending on your brand & target audience, you may also be on Snap Chat & TikTok. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be in all the places, just be in the places where your ideal customer is hanging out & spending time.
  • Contact information:  How can someone reach you? Email & website information should be included here.
  • Photos, Photos, Photos: Did I mention Photos? This is where you can really make your press kit stand apart from the crowd. One of the photos to include is a recent updated headshot portrait of you. (Curious to know more about professional headshot portraits? Read more here in this blog post: Professional Business Photo) Other photos to include are business lifestyle photos. A business lifestyle photo could be you working with a client or doing your job. Think of this as an “in action photo”.
Kelly Johnson Photography
Kelly Johnson Photography Headshot Portrait
Kelly Johnson Photography Behind the Scenes
Kelly Johnson Photography Branding Photo Session

Additional Items to add…

  • Are you a blogger or influencer? If this describes you, you will definitely want to include some stats on your followers with the number & any brands that you have worked with.
  • Awards: Have you earned any awards or certificates? This is information that you could considering including.
  • Are you an author or have you been published in some form? Be sure to work this information in as well.

How do you create a press kit?

Creating a press kit is something that you can do, or have someone do it for you. There are several options of templates in places like Canva, Creative Market, or Etsy.  If you don’t feel comfortable creating a press kit on your own, I would suggest reaching out to a graphic designer that you like, know, & trust, to help you with this task.

Example Media Kit

How do you deliver a press kit?

There are a couple easy solutions regarding the best options to deliver a press kit. The options would be to create a PDF of your information & simply email it to the person that is requesting your press kit or place your document in a dropbox folder or other file sharing service. Choosing the latter option allows you to share the link to the folder with the appropriate person.

Investing the time to create a thorough press kit

Investing the time to create a thorough press kit will make for easier workflows & set yourself apart from the crowd. Having this document ready to deliver when it is requested of you for your next speaking engagement, guest podcast spot or article, will save you time & eliminate frustration.

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