5 Tips:How to Rock Your Headshot Portrait The Right Way

5 Tips On How To Rock Your Headshot Portrait

Having your headshot portrait taken, doesn’t have to be complicated.
It does have to be spot-on, however, if it’s going to have the impact you’re after.

In my line of business, I shoot a lot of headshot portraits and have put together 5 tips to help you rock your photographs:

How to prepare for a headshot portrait session
Kelly Johnson Photography Headshot Portrait Tips

       1.Avoid fashion trends

Ignore that little voice that insists you wear a neon 80s-inspired, 2021-recycled big shoulder-pad boyfriend jacket. Instead, wear a timeless, classic outfit that will stand the test of time years from now. Dresses work very well, especially with a scoop-neckline or V-neckline.

Wear Classic clothing, avoid trendy clothing
Kelly Johnson Photography

       2.Stay away from jarring colors

Think about the tone you want your headshot portrait to project. If you’re looking to convey the message of a professional that can be trusted with several business projects, you really don’t want to be wearing a bright pink top, or a baby pink top for that matter. Balance is key, and to achieve this you should choose clothing in jewel or earth tones.

Also keep in mind the background your portrait will be set against and whether it will be light or dark. This plays a major role in the type of contrast your outfit will have against the backdrop of the photograph.

Jewel tone clothing is best for headshot portraits
Kelly Johnson Photography Headshot Portrait Tips

      3. Horizontal lines are a big no-no

Your face should be the main attraction on your headshot portrait. This means no horizontal lines or strong patterns on your outfit. Opt for solid colors, as they are the least distracting.

Kelly Johnson Photography

     4. Only buy new if you absolutely have to

Choose an outfit you feel comfortable and confident in, while keeping in mind the above tips. If you really don’t have anything fitting the above scope, then only buy something new. Wearing an outfit you love and feel great in, will allow the camera to ‘pick up’ on the vibe and it will translate into a great headshot.

Wear what you feel confident in for your headshot photo
Kelly Johnson Photography

     5. Resist the urge to go sleeveless

When it comes to headshot photos, even though you can’t see the entire outfit, it is always preferable to wear fall/winter styles over summer styles. If your winter-inspired outfit is a bit too dull to your liking, you can add a pale-colored scarf or pashmina to complete your look.

Kelly Johnson Photography

If you are not comfortable and confident with what you’re wearing, your headshot portrait will reflect it and there will be no positive impact on your target audience. It is always worthwhile putting a little thought and effort into the process before any actual photography is done. For more tips you can read this blog post about Investing in a Professional Headshot Portrait.

The payoff is so worth it.

If you’re ready to rock your headshot portrait, give me a call and let’s make it happen!

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