Top Reasons To Get A Headshot Portrait

Headshot Photography

Do you need a little empowerment to get through your daily tasks? Does it sometimes feel like you’re putting all the effort into your business, but you’re reaping very little reward?
It might surprise you to hear that the answer to ongoing progress and success starts with a little thing known as a headshot portrait.

Even though we live in a digital age, the value of face-to-face and human contact will never fade. As a business owner, you will soon see that your customers prefer speaking to you personally. The best way to establish a lasting relationship with your customers is to get to know them and for them to know you. And the most important way to do this, is to have a professional headshot of yourself on all your social media pages which serves as a professional introduction.

This way, existing and potential customers know exactly who they’re going to be talking to whether they’re calling, messaging or emailing.

Invest In Yourself with Headshot Photography

Getting your headshot portrait taken by a professional photographer is the first step towards investing in yourself. Once you show your customers that you’re invested in yourself and your brand, they will invest in you. A great headshot will create an instant connection with those who want to purchase from you. This sets you apart at first glance. Headshot portraits also ensure that you look the part when it comes to customers selecting your brand as being worthy of their spend.

Kelly Johnson Photography Headshot Portrait, Woman looking at camera, wearing a jean jacket.
Kelly Johnson Photography Headshot Portrait

Build Your Self Confidence

Getting back to empowerment. As you see the clients coming in one after the other, you will soon build up confidence. This will see you going after the bigger client and even larger account. This type of self confidence in itself can be life-changing. And just to think, it all starts with you and a camera pointed at your face!

Kelly Johnson Photography headshot portrait. Woman dressed in black smiling at camera.
Kelly Johnson Photography Headshot Portrait

Out With The Old And In With The New

The best way to get going on the path to confidence, success and growth, is to ensure that it’s ‘out with the old and in with the new.’ You might already have profile pictures loaded on all your social media pages as well as your website.  However, if they are not professionally taken pictures you might be hurting your business without even knowing it. Big players in any given industry won’t give your profile a second look if your headshot picture is of you laughing hard at someone off-camera or wearing your favorite sequined blouse.

Woman with long hair looking at camera a smiling
Kelly Johnson Photography-Headshot Portrait

Invest in yourself and your brand today. Contact me, Kelly Johnson, for a consultation on how to rock your headshot portrait.

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